Blackberry Applications

Are you looking for Blackberry Applications for listening to books on tape or new music?

Well we found the best of the best!


You can download digital audio books to your iPod, iPhone or over 500+ other devices.

Do you enjoy a good story well told? Don’t have the time to read? This company is the leading provider of premium digital spoken information and entertainment available in the net. They specialize in books, newspaper, magazines, television programming, and radio.


This company supports hundreds of devices including MP3 players such as IPod, IPhone, GPS, PDA, mobile phones and devices for the visually impaired. The programming is compatible with both Windows Media Player11 and Apple iTunes. You can download the programs of your choice directly to your device or your computer to be “burned” to CD, enjoyed direct from your PC or MAC and/or downloaded to your mobile media device.


With over 60000 titles to choose from with over 600 content providers there is sure to be books on tape here for everyone. From business to classics and everything in between offers a verity equal to many libraries. Don’t have time to read? Enjoy the Wall Street Journal or Pride and Prejudice on the way in to the office. Digital audio books are available for you to listen to any time and anywhere. Need blackberry books? They have them.


This company offers both gift certificates and gift memberships for all of the readers on your list. With titles ranging from self development to teen and everything in between you are sure to find the perfect gift for your recipient.

Membership offers

Audible offers 4 different membership plans for your convenience including a $7.49 introductory special. All plans can be cancelled at any time and includes free digital audio books every month.

Members receive 30% discounts off of all addition purchases, a complimentary subscription to The New Yorker or the Wall Street Journal and access to free weekly downloads.


They offer a nice compensation plans for affiliates. If you own a blog, website or podcast you can join the affiliate program. Commission payments range from $10.00 for the free trial memberships, $25.00 for memberships and 10% of sales.

We will be adding more great Blackberry Applications soon, so until then, you can get your Free Trial here.

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